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all the way to 96 and your good.:thumbup

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yo REX
as Clifton advised!
& here is my recent post

Parts Catalog 87-96 Bronco (Partial)
Source: by Ford via Miesk5 at

F2TZ13007B driver's side
Ford Part F2TZ-13007-BShare: Genuine Ford LAMP ASY
Ford's Retail Price: $102.00
You Save: $25.01
Your Price: $76.99

or by Ford @
13007 Headlight Assembly
Body and lens (Left) $102.00

13008 Headlight Assembly
Complete asy. (Left) $119.00

see for right @ site

Mill Supply ( - Bronco/Ford truck body panels, interior door panels, weatherstrip, mirrors, headlights, tail lights, side marker; order their catalog
90-92-92-LH Headlamp assembly LH, for Pickup & Bronco 92-96
2.19 Pounds. 12x9x8 inches

some usethe crystal type from e bay, etc.;
Lens, Crystal pics (EBay) in a 95; "...My head light were all yellowed and faded so i got some new clear one off of Ebay and put some Silver Star bulbs in them and some LED's from Rescuebronc..."
Source: by Jim E (silent one) at

Replacement in a 95; complete assembly
Source: by lazerz69 at

Replacement in 92-96; part of Ken's Clear Corners Install; then go to his hot link titled, "Short mostly text tutorial on how to replace the headlights"
Source: by Froggmann (Ken P) at
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