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1994 XL OJ Special, 5.0L 5spd man M5R2, BW1356
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Hi all,

After thoroughly searching with the googs and through this forum, I cannot seem to find the silly bracket that is used to mount the pull-switch for headlights and running lights in the dash. I ordered a switch and mount from a seller on ebay who forgot to include the bracket then ghosted me when i asked for it. I can't seem to find this part anywhere online. It should be super common right? See pic for exact part I'm talking about. Anyone have any advice besides the junkyard? I really don't want to drive an hour to the nearest junkyard for just this part.

Best case scenario for me is that some online retailer sells this bracket by itself for a reasonable price, or one of you fine folks has a spare you are willing to sell or part with.


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Yo yuppiecruncher,
No bracket, Ford shows it attached to instrument panel:
Unscrew the switch mounting nut from the front of the dash. Remove the switch from the back of the dash and disconnect the wiring harness.

ItemPart NumberDescription
1Wiring to Headlamp Switch
(Part of 14401)
2Wiring to Fuse Box
(Part of 14401)
512A581Engine Control Sensor Wiring
6Connector to 14A504
(Part of 14401)
713K359Multi-Function Switch
8Connector to Stoplamp Switch (Part of 14401)
10E4OD Pigtail
(Part of 14401)
11Connector to Park Lamp Signal Switch
(Part of 14401)
1214405Rear Lamp Wiring
13Wiring to Ignition Switch and Steering Column
(Part of 14401)
14Connector to Clutch Interlock Switch
(Part of 14401)
15Wiring to Remote Keyless Entry Module
16Connector to Warning Buzzer Chime (Part of 14401)
17Connector to Remote Keyless Entry Module
18Air Bag Module
19Connector to Overspeed Warning (Part of 14401)
20Connector to Trailer Brake Connector (Part of 14401)
2114A099Wiring Shield (2 Req'd)
22Vacuum Hose Clip
23Connector to Ash Receptacle Wiring
(Part of 14401)
24Connector to PSOM Test Circuit (Part of 14401)
2514A265Connector to 14A265 Wiring Assembly
2614B095Connector to 14B095 Wiring Assembly
2718A586Connector to 18A586 Wiring Assembly
28Connector to Right Courtesy Lamp Switch (Part of 14401)
29Connector to Inertia Switch (Part of 14401)
30Wiring to Ground
(Part of 14401)
31Connector to Clearance Lamp (Part of 14401)
32Connector to Wiper Control Module (Part of 14401)
33Wiring to Rear Brake Anti-Lock Control Module (Part of 14401)
34Wiring to Glovebox Lamp (Part of 14401)
35Wiring to Brake Anti-Lock Module Test Circuit
(Part of 14401)
36Wiring to Radio Antenna (Part of 14401)
37Wiring to Bowden Cable
(Part fo 14401)
38Wiring to Cigar Lighter
(Part of 14401)
39Wiring to Heater Mode Switch (Part of 14401)
40Wiring to A/C Illumination
(Part of 14401)
41Connector to Radio
(Part of 14401)
42Wiring to A/C Blower Switch (Part of 14401)
43Wiring to Power Point
(Part of 14401)
44Connector to Premium Sound Amplifier (Part of 14401)
45Wiring to Shift on the Fly Switch (SOF)
(Part of 14401)
4614A262Wiring to Electric Defroster (Bronco)
4714401Main Wiring
48Take-Out to SOF Switch, and Electric Defrost Switch
(Part of 14401)
49Wiring to Cluster (Plug A)
(Part of 14401)
50Wiring to PSOM
(Part of 14401)
51Wiring to Cluster (Plug B)
(Part of 14401)
5304320Instrument Panel
54Connector to Dual Fuel Tank Switch (Part of 14401)
55Connector to Rear Window Control Switch (Bronco) (Part of 14401)
56Demister Hose
(Part of 04320)
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