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It has been a super long time since i've been on here. Just thought I'd give a shout out. Still have never replaced my baby. Actually the money saved was well spent on my kids they both got quads, so dad is sad but the family is happy! And making the kids happy is what i like to do. I have a boat load of parts still left including a tailgate I redone.

I have missed so many nice 79's in my area but i vow to own my dream bronco again before I am too old to enjoy it! Just have to wait till the kids move on, then dad can move up to his toy!

A little backround on the quads, my Daughters we bought new in '08 it's a Raptor 250 with GYTR exhaust rest is stock.

My sons is a 2-stroke power house Blaster I built from frame up, and it has a +3 stroker crank, ported polished motor by the best, very fast can hang with 450's no problem. Scares me kinda!

Here is the Raptor-

And the 2-stroke-

Hope to get back to my roots here wow sure is different here alot of new members that is a good thing!

Well guy's rock on!

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