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1986 Eddie Bauer Bronco 5.0L Auto trans
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First post & Hello to all!
I picked up a Blue 86 Eddie Bauer last month. Its all there & not too rusty compared to the 20 i looked at over the last few years. I had to get it running to test drive it... That consisted of replacing the ground wire, charging the battery, checking oil & coolant as it hadnt run since last summer. Anyway got it running enough to test drive it around the block. It was good enough for me, as I like to tell myself that I tell can fix anything. It's got a new crate 5.0L, with all the old EFI put back on, a/c is all there, it's got a new Monster trans, & a new rear end, the guy gave up on the project & bought a 1980 Bronco from California that's in excellent shape and this one sat on the sidelines.

Anyway, he is a nice guy, he trailered it here for me (40miles) & I have been giving him updates on my progress. Once here, I ordered every bit of EFI wizardry getting it to go from barely running, to running pretty good now. TPS, Map Sensor, Mainfold temp sensor, EGR & Sensor, EGR, and O2 sensor, although it has headers and no bung for it & I havent gotten to looking for the connector, I HAVE read many posts on where it would be tho... I hear not all 86 efi broncos had o2 sensors tho??

Anyway, I am looking to do a full restoration on this. I have restored many vehicles mostly Corvettes and Chevelle's, Mustangs, but I have had 3 broncos in the past a Blue 78 460ci auto, a Tan 85 XLT 351-4v auto , & a new red metallic 96 EB 5.0 auto. I looked for quite some time for an 85-86 as I really liked the bullnose look & simplicity. It's all there, interior is in remarkably good shape, needs most of the sheet metal replaced, but the floors & rockers arent bad at all, even the tailgate isnt too bad, but I'll still buy a new tailgate, but at least the rear indow still works! Anyway I'll post here and there, I mostly read and learn as most stuff have been asked. I plan on painting it a few shades lighter blue, and a better shade of tan top and lower area like my 96 EB Tan top was a darker shade, not the yellowish color it has now.

Here's a pic of it as of yesterday on my shakedown cruise after fixing a non working water temp guage. I grounding the wire & it didnt peg it, traced it up the harness & had nothing, so I pulled the cluster, traced the pin and just ran a new wire to the sender. While I was at it, I pulled off the blue covers & ordered LED's for all the bulbs for the interior, blinkers, side lamps & license plate lamps. The one thing missing is the spare tire carrier. The bolts are in the qtr panel & receiver on the tailgate, but someone took it off & I'm looking for one if anyone has one let me know.


Here are the Blue I am thinking at this point, a much brighter blue.

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Congrats! Welcome to the 86 club! I love the bullnose era trucks. Especially the 85/86 302s perfect mix with the early 80s simplicity but still having efi. I'll be looking forward to seeing your progress. The blue is a nice color.

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Yo Rob,
WELCOME to our Big Bronco family!

I'll move this thread to the Introductions section so that we all can get to know you better especially of your Bronco experiences..

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