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Hello all. Just getting into the computer age. I sold my Bronco 5yrs ago and have had the itch ever since. I shopping now for another when my trucks paid off (1yr approx.). Didn't have the money then, but do know to keep it going. I can't wait for the day I fire it up and feel the carbed V8 under my right foot. Then smoking them out the driveway. My old one was an 1988 XLT 351w with a C-6, 3in lift, 33 TSL's, and strait pipes. I'll try to find pics to put up. Now gotta get another and won't miss the fuel injunktion after i'm done.

Current build is a 87 Zuk with 7in lift, 31 TSL's, mildly rebuilt motor, header, weber carb, 5.14-1 tcase, GM alt convesion, and in process of buying a welder. Test bed for the Bronco(body work, bumpers, lift, etc...)
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