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Well this started with a 90 model f150 4x4. Ive done a few mods to it but wanted something a little shorter to wheel. I came across an 85 fsb for the right price and now the fun begins. Its a strait 6/4 speed willhave a strait axel 44 for it by the weekend. Ive got a welding rig and the capability so the sas shouldnt be too bad. I havent had any luck with electrical questions here though. Maybe its because Im new. I have installed my 35s off my truck with some fender trimming. Ive also started with a 4in front bumper. I call my project driveby as the po used it for some target practice. No reason to junk it will make a cool trail rig and a conversation piece.this was the rough initial trim.
I'm guessing the right price was really cheap. Welcome from San Antonio.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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