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Hello from Central Arkansas!

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Hello FSB!

I bought my '88 FSB a couple of years ago and have followed this forum off/on since the purchase. I decided to join in the hopes of finding other FSB owners in the region.

I'm not sure if the odometer reading is original or not. My first thought was that the odometer had to have 'turned over' based on the age, if nothing else. However, it had a cracked exhaust manifold and needed a tune up. The paint was dull and the interior was pretty dusty. The tires had plenty of tread but had to be replaced because they were dry-rotted.

After replacing the manifolds, giving it a good tune-up, polishing up the paint, general clean up, I'm wondering if it really is original miles?? Since the seats seem to be original Eddie Bauer interior with no rips, stains, or burns, and pinstriping seems original, my theory is that it was parked when it began to run rough and just sat there for years. The seller wasn't in the mood to talk much since we settled on a price much lower than he was asking ;-)

Overall, I'm very happy with the truck!

Ford Bronco, 5.0L, Eddie Bauer

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