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Hey I'm Doug.

Currently I drive an 02 mustang but I really need something else for the winter. I have been driving a 91 oldsmobile in the winter but I really hate that thing. My dad has an extra bronco that he picked up real cheap that needs some work and he has offered to give it to me.:chili:

I *think* it's an 86, I know its a 6 cylinder with a manual trans, and 78,000 original miles. The original owner hit a tree head on so it needs a front bumper, hood, both fenders, and the radiator support bent back into place a little. They also sold the doors so it needs a new set of those. The thing has sat for a year or two, but it was driven to where it sits without a problem.

So do you think it'd be a good idea to get myself into something like this? How much should I expect to spend getting this bronco back into shape?
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