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Hello all! I just joined after acquiring my new (old) 1987 Eddie Bauer edition Bronco. I'm looking forward to perusing all of the tech articles!
I got my Bronco for $500. from a friend. She used it for towing her ATVs around. It is fully loaded with a 5.0L w/ 103,000 miles. It needs TLC but being a Colorado truck it's pretty rust-free.
I had it for 2-weeks and some ding-bat 17 year old girl ran a stop sign and hit me! :barf
But, I got that fixed with the help of JEFF SUMMERS up here at Harris Used Truck Parts, Colorado Springs, CO. I have to give a shout for Jeff, he helped me rebuild for $300 and that was WITH a fender, radiator frame, NEW bumper filler, NEW grille, NEW chrome bumper, one used headlight assy, and one NEW headlight assy!

I also found the following site fairly cool:
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