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so ive been searching yard for 3 months here in Kansas city that's a lot of walking way to many ford ecu most where ether speed density or non e4od

I finally came acrossed a GIN1 1995 FORD ECONOLINE VAN E150 5.8L E40D F6UF-12A650-KB GIN1 ECM ECU pcm mass air but I couldn't afford to through 40 dollars out window because semmed like differet plug could just be me

of course I was looking for these here but some one has got them be 4 me

AKC0 - 5.8L - F8TF-12A650-NA (MAF conversion kit EEC)
BIO0 - 5.8L - F5TF-12A650-BYA (stock 94-95 MAF 5.8L/E4OD)
VEX1 - 5.0L - F5TF-12A650-HB (stock 94-95 MAF 5.0L/E4OD)
WAY1 - 5.0L - F5TF-12A650-JB (stock 94-95 MAF 5.0L/E4OD)

can any one tail me if the pins the same im using a wiring harness from hug2

sorry in advance if not correct right up post just the problem ive came crossed and need help with..
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