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My bronco is screwed so i have my gf's moms car and my girlfriends car wont really go anywhere in drive. it'll move in reverse but drive and over drive creep along at high rpms. the fluid level is good ..... the check engine light is on and i dont know how to pull codes on it... it is a 1997 Ford tauras... please help i need it to get to work today at 145pmest
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This site will show you how to pull codes. By the way I found this in the "Pulling codes" thread A couple of threads below yours.
wow thats wierd. the fact that the engine is running at high rpm and its still in gear. i would say your tranny is blown but your still moving. good luck
high gear clutch packs are fried...
I don't think he's going to be able to pull any codes he has a carbed '84.
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