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Fullsize 5.0 xlt 5 spd man... I need to rebuild the trans and was told I need to ID if its a Mazda/Toyo or a ZF
The sticker on the trans reads E8TA JF below that are the nums 392261 . Any help greatly appreciated

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yo Frankie,
As BRONCONUT advised;
Is Mazda M5R2
Five speed Mazda Overdrive
Years: 88-96 Bronco, F150s
..........97-03 F150s
..........05 F150 (v6)
Engines: 300, 302, 4.2L, 4.6L
Fluid: Mercon
1st 3.90:1
2nd 2.25:1
3rd 1.46:1
4th 1.00:1
5th 0.80:1
Construction features: External Ribs in square patterns
Trans code: M
by adrianspeeder

Aluminum case and top cover, top loaded aluminum unit with an integral bellhousing and tower shift. Fully synchronized with brass synchro rings in all gears, including reverse. Front input shaft bearing is tapered with a 90mm O.D. The rear retainer is cast iron. The shifter tower has the infamous three rubber plugs in back that are prone to leak if not changed to steel. Inspect units to see if they have the updated 5th/reverse assembly before ordering synchro kits or reverse gears. 1995 and later models have top cover reverse light switch moved to forward corner of shift cover. In 1996 case is changed to accommodate modular motor (4.6L), with starter bolt pattern being triangular. In 1999 the case was changed for 4.2L 4wd drive vehicles.

M5OD DISASSEMBLY (in 93 Thunderbird/Cougar, but similar)
Source: by Ford via &

Assembly @

1996 Bronco 5.0/E4OD/BW1356
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They are obvious once you know what a ZF looks like.
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