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Help with 88 FSB 4.9L remove lower intake

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Hi everyone, I am I think ready to tackle the removal of my lower intake to get to my broken exhaust manifold. Does anyone have a video or step by step instructions in doing this. I have done all of my own work on the FSB so far but this looks a little intimidating with all of this fuel injection and its wiring. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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These are the 3 bolts that hold on the alternator/smog pump bracket.
Unless the EFI bracket is different, you shouldn't need to remove the alternator. I have EFI manifolds on mine and can install and remove them without touching the alternator.
Yes, you'll have a little more room. But it shouldn't be necessary.

However, if you do need to, it should just be the 3 bolts.
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So, the torque sequence should be very similar. The EFI head has 3 extra bolt holes that are simply for hanging the manifolds from during installation. The carb'd manifold is a single piece (since the intake and exhaust bolt together) so it's much easier to manage. However, with the EFI, you have 3 manifolds, since there's 2 exhaust and 1 intake, so the extra bolt holes help keep it all in place during installation.

Here's the sequence that Ford lists:


Torque specs are 20 - 25 ftl/bs.
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