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Help with 88 FSB 4.9L remove lower intake

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Hi everyone, I am I think ready to tackle the removal of my lower intake to get to my broken exhaust manifold. Does anyone have a video or step by step instructions in doing this. I have done all of my own work on the FSB so far but this looks a little intimidating with all of this fuel injection and its wiring. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Its mich simpler than you think. Make syre the battery is unhooked. Once the upper intake is off, find the schrader valve (looks like a short tire valve stem), and bleed the pressure off. Then, undo the four bolts holding the fuel rail to the manifold. Carefully lift up on one end of the fuel rail, trying to keep the injectors in the fuel rail as you move towards the back. You can leave it all hooked up and move it to the driver side of the engine. Then unbolt the intake and EGR tube.

If its never been apart, a good rust penetrant is your best friend.
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If you have to disconnect something, label both ends with a piece of tape, marked alphabetically. A pairs with A, B with B, and so on.
Torque sequence???! I just finger tight em all and then work from front to back then move to the lower row. Before installing the intake, mock up the exhaust to make sure a stud isnt too long. On my clifford headers, the lower front stud needed a half inch trimmed off.

If using a paper gasket (not recommended) use a copper spray sealant.
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