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ok it all started this morning

ruff idle, runs realy rich, no power at bottom end, cuts out at part throttle, and pops thru the carb at part throttle.

thing i have done.
1 check timing. 6' at base line with vac off. about 20 with (is this right?)
2 changes plug rotor and cap.
3 cused and bitched.

i think that it is the stator in the dist. it is loose and i can move it around easly.

help i gotta drive it tomarrow.

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no the timing is off, it should be about 10 at idle vacumm on or off and 25-30 when it is fully advanced. I think somethings wrong with your distributor. they are like 30 bucks.

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I had carb back fire after swapping engines. The rockers had loosen up. Although if you haven't done any work on your head recently I doubt it could be that.
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