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i need help with this car i picked up a few weeks ago.

its a 1972 ford capri with an 89 5.0 mustang motor in it.

the motor was originaly efi but the whole harness and manifold is gone. the car its self is stripped down to a seat steering wheel gas pedal gas pedal hurst shifter and drive train lol. so i have nothing to start with for the electrical

i need some advice on how to get the basic electrical wired up.
i have a hei distrib and a hyfire box so as far as ignition i think i got most of it figured out. but i need some advise on whats a safe CHEAP way to get everything wired together.

my main sticking point at this point is how the engine compartment should be wires. (alternator, battery, starter and solenoid ect).

i am going to just run a switch box with a starter button and some toggles for ignition fan fule pump and lights.

i know there are lots of efi to carp swap things out there but i have no electrical components left. this thing is stripped

maybe just a basic wiring dyagram or somthing.
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