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sjshredder said:
yea i went to advanced auto and they sed they cant get them so i just got my gas tank and some other neat things haha ooo and i will be running 38's with the front ttb so ill let you know how that goes but as far as the bushing i need ill call my shop tomorrow plus some alinement places
You may run on 38" tires for a year or just a few days, depends on how hard you wheel the rig. The best advice has been posted - find an alignment shop familiar with the TTB frontend. Your local WallyMart tech is likely schooled in tire mounting and lug nuts' torque at best!!! Ask a ton of questions, or be prepared to replace balljoints and axle u-joints on a regular basis!!!

Know what you're getting into by lifting the front axle on your Bronco, either by talking to other lifted-Bronco owners or searching extensively. My local alignment guru that I've used for 30 years hates lifted TTB's with a passion. He's seen hundreds of them, and dealt with all of the problems. Your biggest problem is CASTER, but camber is the most obvious issue. The camber changes whenever you go offroad or hit a pothole, stump or rock.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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