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herculiner question

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i'm thinking about doing my interior of my f150, just curoius if it brings on alot of heat, and how rough it would be on your feet. and how loud do you think the cab would be without the padding under the carpet?
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I herculined the entire inside of my bronco and the bottom 12 inches on the outside. The only thing would do differently is I shouldn't have stopped at the bottom 12 inches:toothless. Like they said buy extra and set aside a whole weekend for it. Do it right and take your time and you will be fine. What I did up front inside for mine was some cutting on the carpet to where i can take it in and out. This way I can just toss it out on the drive way and wash it when it gets dirty or take it and hang it to dry when its wet. From the front two seats you can't even tell its herculined.
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