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I am towing an ~7k lbs tandem trailer presently.

This AM things started off fine, but as the day heated up, (my temp gauge didn't get off low) I had a recurring problem. while under load (up hill) i began to have a "knock" or rubmble. I chalked it up to post detination and havign done the 6L tune up. I started buying 89 octane gas, in hopes of aleviating it.

but the real problem was.. not specifically while under load, but 3 times, it began lurching, as if the fuel was vapor locking intermitently, or the ignition was overheating and sending spark in "bursts". so, i replaced the carburetor with a known good one, replaced the fuel filter, and the ECM with new ones.

The problem recurred.

Of note, the last two times, after i slipped it into NEUTRAL, and back into DRIVE, the problem resolved. I still pulled over, and plan on seeing AAMCO in the AM.

any ideas? pelase. :{
1 - 6 of 6 Posts