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Hey, Im new here tell me waht u think

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Hey Im from New York, I bought this bronco a couple months ago and ite pretty much been in the shop since, Its not completely finished but alot different from the rsut bucket it was, let me know what u think.
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hey! welcome! also make sure to vote

your bronco is cool im sure Allcruisen would LOVE it :D :beer
looks good, cept for the gay tires, and the clear corners.
welcome to FSB :beer :beer :beer nice bronco but the fuzzy dice have to go :toothless at least thata what it looks like hanging from the mirror
looks pretty good .... do you wheel it? :shrug

gonna have to raise your bumper to fill the gap from that body lift dude .......

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welcome. nice truck iam from ny too.where
are you from?
Im from long island, yea I go wheeling from time to time, mostly on the beach nothin to extreme. The bumper is going to be lifted I just have to find time to cut and weld it. They are fuzzy dice, but I cant get rid of them, it's kinda been a running joke in my family for a couple years.
Welcome :beer
Wellcome, how do you like your turdbirds?
and here I always thought they were thornturds :shrug
So far I like them better than my b/f goodrich mud terrains and the gumbo mudders I had on my K5. They run great on the street a little loud, but not squirrley at all, and they have been awesome runnin in sand and mud
that's a nice looking rig! oh, and welcome to FSB:thumbup
dont mind badassbronco, he's just mad cause your truck is a hell of a lot nicer than his! (mine too...!:thumbup )
Welcome to FSB!

Being from NY, NY I wouldn't think there would be much wheeling unless you are wheeling across parked cars in the street!:D

Oh and do the VOTING thing Daily and once a month too!!!!
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