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Hey I'm Noobie/Fuel Pump Access Panel

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Hey I'm Noobie/Make A Fuel Pump Access Panel

Hello All, (I tried the search but not much help)..Anyone know of a Thread that describes how to cut an "Access Panel For Fuel Pump" My 93 is about to go and wanted to try the access panel instead of dropping the tank(I live in an apartment and don't have room).I've read that "Gearrat" did this.

Can someone tell me the basics? Or point me in the right direction?
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Here are 2:
Cut-out Measurements for Fuel Pump/Sender Replacement in a 95 by Mark Z at

Cut-out Measurements for Fuel Pump/Sender Replacement in a 90 by Keith @ Ryan's

may have 1 more in my Bronco Links site; will ck
yeah. a lot was lost twice this year @ SF due to tech probs. This cut-out and lid (or door) should be among the top 10 mods to be done to EFI Broncos. As far as being a time/$ saver; esp. during weather days like today.
Again, thanks to Ryan for saving the pics!
any new articles/pics in process? Lost my Outlook addy file so I couldn't ask it by e mail.
yo Mark!
I saw that and it's in there.
What is this for?
have a part # for it?

Feel free to e mail me whenever you have anymore good stuff! :usa
1 - 4 of 38 Posts
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