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Hey I'm Noobie/Fuel Pump Access Panel

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Hey I'm Noobie/Make A Fuel Pump Access Panel

Hello All, (I tried the search but not much help)..Anyone know of a Thread that describes how to cut an "Access Panel For Fuel Pump" My 93 is about to go and wanted to try the access panel instead of dropping the tank(I live in an apartment and don't have room).I've read that "Gearrat" did this.

Can someone tell me the basics? Or point me in the right direction?
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Yep Keith_L is a member here and he did this long ago.
BUT his pictures got lost on the internet :banghead
BUT I "took / borrowed" them ;) so they are safe on my superford site.

I'm sure he'll respond soon to answer any weird questions about it
OH YEAH. I forgot that part. A certian someone that has done this drilled a hole into the gas tank :banghead
So there are risks. I'll let that certian someone admit his errors :histerica
6.25Lbs per Gal
33Gal X 6.25 = 206Lbs

Hope you can catch good LOL
Keith_L said:
As for siphoning, I let the fp do the work for me. I just removed my fp relay and referenced the wiring diagram in my Haynes manual. I jumpered between the appropriate wires (my first guess was wrong and made a bunch of relays click, but I found the right connections on the 2nd try) and the pump started pumping. Just remove the schraeder valve on the fuel rail and clamp some hose over there, feed it into another vehicle or a gas can.
If you can pump gas out of the tank by hot wiring the electric pump.......
Why are you working on the tank :shrug
1 - 5 of 38 Posts
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