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i put this on the an old tech section thread, but later saw i probably should have come here first. :duh

i just purchased a 1991 bronco 4X4 5 spd 302, last weekend. only has 89K on the engine. among other things, my driver's side power window will go down, correctly, but not up ... motor seems to work fine, and i can raise the window manually with both hands on each side of the window, but slips back down while driving.

what i'm seeing here is that i need to replace the torque pin or regulator gear plugs. is that correct?

the last power window problems i had was a 1963 Studebaker Avanti, and it was a while ago...

tia. and will have more questions if i can't find the answer using the "search" function.
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Welcome to FSB ~ :thumbup

For TG and Door windows there are regulator arms with toggles on one end and teeth on the other that mate with the PW motors, take off the door panel and look inside and you'll see the end of the regulator arm has a "toggle" which slides in a track at the bottom of the window, lubricate it with grease liberally.

You can activate the motor and see (with good light) whether there's any issues and begin a repair diagnosis.

The PW motors are riveted to the doors sheetmetal with "torgue pins" which need to be drilled out if you intend to remove/rebuild the PW motor but gear kits are inexpensive on the internet otherwise take it to an Auto-Electric shop and have them do it for you.

You can use grade bolts for mounting thru the PW motor housing adding heat shrink to the bolts if needed for a tighter fit then mount it to the door sheetmetal, you'll need to enlarge the sheetmetal "rivet holes" to accomodate the new bolts for future repair/access etc.....assumng you don't have a torque pin tool etc.

I don't recommend after market PW motors because they don't "fit" correctly like the OEM's so I'd keep the original's what I did and I haven't had any issues since though I did have to replace the drivers side "dual" OEM PW harness connector because mine was butcherd badly by PO BUT I bought both R/L door harness OEM PW and PDL connectors from FSB member Equin parting out his 86 in Texas for $10.00 shipped so I have 86 original OEM spares in excellent condition down in the garage if I ever need them.

Enjoy! :beer
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