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Hey yall i'd like to say hey to everyone in the Dixie Chapter..I'm from North Carolina.. Just joined the site...Nice to meet all yall!:beer

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Welcome to your second home. The dixie chapter just keeps on growing. Our newest Moderator (and big time Dixie chapter supporter) Shane will be by with an "official" Greeting. Where in NC are you? Spent 5 years in Greensboro myself. It's a pretty nice state.

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Welcome to FSB, the Dixie Chapter is active so hopefully you can meet some of the people talking to you. :beer

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79F150 said:
Welcome to the site. You should go by the intro page and say hi to everyone else.:thumbup
:stupid Whaaazzuuup?!!???:beer Yea go on over to the intro section and tell the rest of the site hey..they can't help it they're not blessed to be Rebels they're still pretty good folk!!:toothless
Here's a lil bit to help you navigate around..
A few things to know:
1. Make sure to vote for FOTM each month by going to the FOTM thread and picking your fav. nominee! (10 new nominees each month, and someday it could be you!)
2. Be sure to vote for this site at TOP4x4 by clicking the link at the top of the page once a day. (It brings us in alot of new traffic!)
3. Post up some pics of your rig!
(click here—>click me, click me!! to find out how!)
4. Add your rig's specs (or a pic) to your sig line. (It comes in handy, when asking questions, for people to know what kinda rig their helping you with!)
5. Before asking a handful of questions please try the search button at the top right hand corner of the page.
It looks like this:
This site has been around long enough that ALOT of topics have already been discussed and now all you gotta do is read.

Again, welcome aboard, make your self at home!!!:thumbup

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Ah yes, another fellow Carolinian. Welcome to the board. There's nothing they can't answer here, and if they can't, then you're pretty much f'd. Maybe you can make it out to the M&G we're trying to concoct?
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