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high flow cats?

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I put a magnaflow muffler on my 96 bronco and a three inch tailpipe,I got better milage and more low end but the sound changed very little.I asked local muffler shop about the sound and he said some trucks dont change much some do.I asked if a high flow cat would let some more sound thru and he said no,my best bet for sound was to run no muffler with stock cats.I have heard trucks with this setup and it is louder and not the sound I am looking for.So my question is if I remove the stock cats and put on a catco cat,will this sound better?Chevy and dodge trucks around here sound realy good,they have a nice deep rumble,a big block rumble,that is what I am after,and I have to keep it legal in ohio.What do you guys suggest.
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hes an idiot, yes it will change alot I just did it.
sticking on a flowmaster alone totally changed the sound of my truck. Also, what i thought was false before, a K&N actually changes the sound of ur engine.
I put a flowmaster super 40 on a while ago and the sound was better but it was still quiet. Part of the problem was a severely clogged cat.

This weekend I installed a Bassani Y-Pipe with high flow cat and reworked my Flowmaster to 3" in and out and it's a hell of a lot louder now.

At first I thought it was too loud but I put a 90 degree bend after the muffler and it quieted it down ever so slightly but now I love it.

My tires are no longer the loudest part of my Bronco. And I have a heck of a lot more power now! It sounds like an ols school muscle car now.

I have a K&N filter going in next weekend.
i see the bassani y-pipe is commonly used, is it better than the flowmaster one?
I had the flowmaster on mine. All I have now are the cats. It was louder at idle with the flowmaster (never have understood that). I really like the way it opens up when I step on the gas. I still have the little p***y 302 in it.
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