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1988 Eddie Bauer - 5.8. C6, 33's but no significant engine mods.
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Hello everyone!
If you saw my thread earlier this week you know I have been working through a no start issue. That has been resolved and ended up being related to several things related to timing and the distributor. After the repairs I was having an issue with a high idle. I decided to start at the beginning and work through everything.

TPS tested good.

IAC was aftermarket and attached to a Ford IAC spacer. I removed the spacer and swapped the IAC for a Motorcraft one from a Junkyard throttle body I had laying around.

Attempted to reset the idle, idle would not decrease much when IAC was disconnected.

Inspected throttle body butterfly and idle screw. Idle screw was definitely tampered with by previous mechanic. Head is busted off and a nut was placed on it. Attempted to grind a slotted head into it so I could remove and replace with factory screw from spare body. Screw was too soft and wouldn't move.

Inspected the metal plate that the throttle spring attached to. Noticed it was catching when attempting full open throttle. Further inspection revealed that the point where the idle set screw touched had been bent to artificially change throttle.

Bent plate back to factory, I aligned the plate with the center casting groove on throttle body.

Attempted to reset throttle, were good. Idles at about 650 in drive, 700 in park.

If you're having idle issues it's worth looking to see if anyone has messed with that plate. Pictures and video below.

Plate binding here:
Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive fuel system Tread

Bent flat and fully open here:
Blue Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread Gas

Top part bent to be closer to idle screw, notice the tool marks indicating tampering:
Automotive tire Blue Light Motor vehicle Rim

Bent flat and back to OEM:
Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Gas Auto part

Video of current idle:

Hope this helps someone!
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