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Fast idle cam reversed operation? Weird...

Maybe the linkage or the bushings in the carb are hanging up. Get a can of carb cleaner and spray all of the linkage good, include top choke butterfly plates and lower throttle body plates where they go into the body. Work the areas as you spray. Don't use any lubricants as the oil will collect dirt and grime and gum everything up over time.

The linkage will only go on one way, so that eliminates that.

Check linkage for signs of binding. On the driver's side of the carb you will see a large triangle looking sort of plate. on the other side of this plate are the steps for the choke cam. Move the linkage by hand to make sure that the linkage is not bound. Grab your rod. It should move freely up and down with no binding. (I couldn't help it.)

Fast Idle Adj.
The screw is on the drivers side, facing forward at the bottom. It is easier to get to when you open the throttle some.

Cold - Hit the gas one time to the floor. The butterfly should just be opened, maybe an eight of a inch. Not all the way closed.

Start the truck. Choke plate should not have moved. Rpm should be around 1600RPM.

Let it warm up for a minute or two. Rromp the gas a good one and the idle should drop off depending on the temp. Now the butterfly wil be partially to all the way open,

After the car warms up, you should be looking for 700RPM or so, and the butterfly ALL the way open.

While your there, make sure that the carb is opening up all the way with the pedal buried.

Make sure that your choke housing is properly clocked-in. Remove the doubt. Check it.

Look carefully where the carb meets the base of the manifold. I saw this one time where the lever was hitting the manifold and making it hang up. Just ground a relief, no sweat. Look for shiny spots.

I just saw the year, kicking codes? IAC maybe?
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