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A friend of mines parents own a boat shop and the sold a boat and a guy traded them a bronco to knock some money off... well my friend and the other goons were looking at it... he told me that the window had been busted out of the driver side and the guy that traded it in said it sat for about 3 years... so my dumb friend told me that he put a battery on it and nothing was getting power and that it needed a wiring harness... (note him and the goons are all chevy people and i am the only Ford person in the group) so i walk up to the truck looked at the inside and noticed... some idiot had left the window down... well i poped the hood and asked his parents how much and he laughed and said $250.00 and it had 103k miles on it... it looked crapy the tailgate was (and still is) rusted out and the tires where all weather cracked but would hold air... i told him i would take it and me and my dad picked it up... well when we got it home i tightened the battery cables and it cranked right up (note the battery he put on it was a Marine AC Delco Battery talk about some $$$)... and then died about 45seconds latter... non of my electrical stuff would work as far as inside radio and lights... went and got 5gallons of gas and it still wouldn't crank and was shooting sparks from the exhaust manifold... well the gas tank garment was almost all gone and water had gotten into it thus ruining the tank and pump... so i spent $90 on a new tank and $120 on a new pump... then i noticed i needed a new filler neck and that garment... had to special order those from LMC which cost $36!...after i got it to crank and run for about 3mins my radio and etc turned on and worked... any who i drove it around the drive way a couple of times and went down the street to my grandparents house and tested the alternator it was fine... it would shoot carbon out of the exhaust and id run it everyday reving it up to help clean the motor out... changed the oil and filter(which is a total butt to get to the filter) and put some luscas in with the oil... then i changed the Tranny fluid and filter... (the pan bolts where loose!) then i figured id see why when id crank it sparks would shoot from the manifolds... some idiot had re-routed the ground cable to the EXHAUST MANIFOLD! so i put new cables and grounded it where it was suppose to be... and then i bought some heater hoses and put those on... then i cranked the truck up and it starting missing and running BAD!!!... my high pressure pump on the frame had gone out... so i let it sit there for a while till i could get some $ to buy one... mean while i changed all the heater hoses and some intake hoses and changed the thermostat (another thing that is a butt to do) and while getting the back bolt of the thermostat i broke the Ignition Module that sits on the Distributor... well i just now bought a fuel pump, ignition module and i went ahead and bought rear wheel cylinders and the spring kits for the back...after putting this all on neither of the pumps would work...after me and my friend from Ford looked all over for the Fuel Relay we finally found it changed that and it cranked right up... and still runs like crap... when we changed the TI module i noticed that the cap was cracked and the Pickup Coil was bad... so i am buying a new Distributor this week and going to put that on... (when i was helping my auto tech teacher clean up around the shop i found two 31' Mickey Thomson Baja Claw tires... he said one had a hole in it so i put them up cause i new i would but them on my bronco... so while i was putting the TI module on i had my dad break them down and put a radial tire tub in the one with the hole and he put them on the back and i just ordered two 31' BFGoodwrench tires...) i crawled underneath it last weekend and found that the tranny is leaking and some one had token the tranny out and/or the transfer case cause they forgot to put the pin and bushing for the 4wheele drive i ordered a front torque converter pump seal...also some time between the two fuel pumps I put in two window motors and am waiting for the rear glass switch so i can put my dash and etc back together....I have spent about $1,300 on this truck including what i paid for it... this has been my whole summer hobbie....note i am far from rich and poorer that dirt... i get make $70 a month from mowing and i make some money from little odd and in jobs and i own 2 trucks this bronco that doesn't run and a 1976 GMC that it runs but the transmission need to be rebuilt so i don't drive anything... i am 18 almost 19 and i am proud to say i have bought and paid for almost every part that is on this truck! My parents bought some parts but i paid them right back the money they spent.... (i say almost cause i had to borrow $300 for the front 2 tires and i am currently paying my brother back for them...) I have gone through a lot with the truck as far as scares and little baby fits cause it wont work... and have threatened to sell it many times but I Love my Bronco (her name is Lucy... like the Skillet song) Thank you for reading ill post more if she gives me more problems... Thanks Again :)

Here are some pic's of when i first got her during and after washing her...

I have tooken of the steps and put the 31"s on it so ill post some pics when i get it done so yall can see before and after....(and yes i have treated that rust spot on the drivers side...)

Thanks Again!
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