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Hit and Run

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About three weeks ago I came home from being away from the weekend to this:

Some car full of teenage girls was trying to turn around in the street next to my house to go to a party across the street. In the process they backed right into my Bronco, knocking it on its jack stands and pushing it through my patio. There were several witnesses one of which was a pedestrian that was almost hit. The girls fled the scene and police need a license plate number to even start to search.

Homeowners insurance will cover the damage to the carport and patio but not the Bronco. Most of the damage was cosmetic, the front landed on a 2X4 and the rear landed on the front leaf spring hangers.

Both rear quarter panels were damged, the pass side was the worst. The tailgate and glass were destroyed and the fiberglass lid bowed out and cracked in two places.

Well, on the bright side, my wife wanted a new carport anyway.
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That sucks...
damn that sucks bad........did nobody remembered what the car looked like or what driver looked like? they didnt even get some of the plate #? surely whoever was having the party would have some idea who it was.
you live in a small town? hopefully you'll be able to find out who did this or hopefully the girls parents will notice the damage done to their car and start asking questions.
That sucks man
You should go over to the house that had the party and ask around. Do you know who the person was that almost got hit, they probably saw what the car looked like to get a search going.
you should be able to find them. yuma cant be any bigger than kingman
There were about ten witnesses and said it was a dark green four door import with primer spots on the hood. They didn't get the license plate because it was a dealer temporary plate. The funny thing is I talked to all the neighbors before I talked to the police and I imediately thought that that should be plenty of information to go with, but when I talked to the policeman he told me they need a plate number to even begin to search. When I asked if they could ask local used car dealers if they had sold a car of that description he just said that they don't have time to do that kind of investigation because there is no guarantee that the car was even bought in Yuma.

Yuma is getting a lot bigger, I think there are close to 100k people here in the summer and the population almost doubles in the winter.

At first my wife and I were really gung ho about calling all the car dealers and auto body shops ourselves, but after getting no cooperation from everyone we called we gave up. It almost seems like even if they had sold or worked on the car they still wouldn't tell us.
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