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boss tried to cut my thumb off last thursday at work.
lets say my thumb/hand got smashed beetween my 2' snap on racthet and the frame rail on a cat 3126 when he got the bright idea to stick shop air into injector hole as a leakdown test before i could get my hands moved when he said rotate the crank. guess what, number 4 cylinder's valves where NOT bent unlike the previous cylinders. that thing spun WAY fast.
pics from today a week later after 4 days back at work. like 8 or 9 sticthes

samshed it, cut the tendon and all that good junk. i knew it was bad when they kept shuffling me from doctor to doctor to specialistand when no one had even done anything to it.......
a wheeling trip was planned for sunday, so i couldnt let that stop me!!!
threw a latex glove over that hand and away i went.
drove one handed all day, and being a 5 speed it was kinda hard at times, and that what led to this......
got lazy and thought i could make the corner and hold through, as io did not want to put it in reverse and spin the wheel, as that agrivated my hand.
anyways, i didnt make the corner

better than this guy though. thats why trail rigs should have working E brakes. rolled away on him while parked....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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