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I have to say that yesterday was the absolute worst mud bog/drag I have ever been to in my life. The HOI (Heart of Illinois) Mud Bogs were put on by Overlands 4x4 Club outta Galesburg Illinois.

The day didnt start out to bad, We were told to get there at 8, so they could have tech inspections done and get racing by 11. We got there ( myself and 3 of my buddies with trucks) at just after 8. After paying 7 dollars a person to get into the fair, 10 per person to park! and 25 to run in 1 event in one class!...

We waited until noon until they finally got everone inspected. They finally started about 12:30 with the drags, one and a half hours behind schedule. The drags were completely unorganized, no one had any clue where to go. The drag track was terrible, it was a bog in itself, a couple trucks got stuck at the end of the track. And it took at least 10 mins to get them pulled out! So @ 330, they finally started the bogs!

Once again, completely unorganized. Me and my buddy mike were the first ones up, we were in the 100 class (4 and 6 cyl). The first couple people made it about 16 feet into the pit. Literally once the whole truck was in the pit, you could go no further. I made it 17 feet, my buddy Mike made it a whopping 19 feet. So far this whole event has been a complete joke, but it gets alot better.

I also should add that about this time I get a call from my dad, he can tell that the announcer/president of the club is drunk thru the way he is slurrin and stumblin around, plus he had a beer in his hand the whole time :drinkbud

Now that everybody is mad about how bad the pit was, and how the announcer/president is drunk as a skunk, they (Overlanders) decide that they will show everybody that someone will be able to make it throught the pit. A huge buggy contraption with a cummins, rockwells, and ag tires tries to make it through, it made it in about 1/3 of the way. Then, when they were pulling this huge thing out, the cable they have hooked to it to pull it out, breaks! Half an hour later it is finally out. By this time everybody in the crowd what a complete joke this whole deal is, alot of people start leaving. So then Overlanders trys to prove again someone can make it through the pit. They bring out this mud racer with like 44 and all kinds of horsepower. It runs, skims over the top of the whole pit and makes it out fine, but it drug there cable so far that is pulled it through there snatch block and pulley system, binding everything up. Once again, we had to wait at least a half an hour for them to fix that.

Finally they start to run the 200 class at about 430, maybee 5. My buddy Brent was going to run, be he got fed up and drove back and loaded his up on the trailer and got his money back. So me and mike figured that we could also get out money back, since after we ran they had dug out the pit. Well, they wouldnt let us run again, nor would they give us our money back. The ladies taking the money said we to talk to the president of the club (who was also the drunk announcer). So you can imagine how this is about to go...

We walk over to him, and ask for our money back, and explain to him how this is a complete waste of time, how we didnt get out moneys worth, how this is a ripoff ect. The announcer/president who was still over pa system mind you, calls me and my buddy mike and a couple of our friends a bunch of crybaby arse punks who need to quit bi*chin about it and were not gettin our money back, so we can just f*ckin leave! (he said this over the mic, in front of everyone) SO, after me and mike curse him out we walk back to our truck and try to figure out what exactly what we are going to do about it, hosnestly we had no idea...

So, we go find the director of the fair, aka the big cheese (as in the top guy). We walk up to him, and say we have a complaint to make, and all he said was "I already know". So, we talk to him for a good half hour, give him our names and numbers so he can get back to us, hopefully with our money. He also said that Overlands signed a 5 year contract to be out at the fair, however they will not be returning next year.

Needless to say, the day was a complete waste of time. Its sucks becouse im out over $100 bucks, plus, My family came to watch, alot of our friends, plus alot of co-workers of mine. And I feel bad for tellin them all that they should come.

So, I tried to call the member of the club whose numbers were on their website, no one will answer. I posted on there message board along with a lot of other people demandin a refund, as of this morning they shut down there forum.

The whole deal is complete BS.

Moral of the Story, If you are in the Midwest, Never ever go to an Overlanders 4x4 Club event!

And, if anyone on here is a Overlanders Club Member, you better expain your clubs actions!
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