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Fired the '96 up this morning getting ready to head to work. Top is off and it got down to about 37 last night, so interior is nutz cold and kinda moist from some dew/frost.

Everything cranks fine....

Get in to drive off...ABS light is on, OD On/Off light on shifter is blinking, Speedo isn't functioning and shifts are so stiff, the tires are barking (kinda cool, but not a good thing I suppose).:wtf

So I shut her down and re-cranked. Everything is fine (went back to normal) and remained so for the 35 mile trip to work. I am going to check my neg battery terminal at lunch today, and check some more grounds tonght.

Never had these problems before, and hopefully never again. Is this an electrical booger because of the cold/moisture?

Grassyass for any help...:D


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Sounds like coinencidence to me. Compiter freaked out for a minute, that shit happens man.
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