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Just an FYI, If you're looking to buy some electronics in the future be careful. I found out the hard way that lenoxx home electronics has gone out of business over the holidays. here is there websight:

The phone number listed has been disconnected and the e-mail address doesn't exist any more.

We got a portable DVD player as a gift over the holidays and the batt melted in it. we tried to contact the company and got nothing. we contacted Wall-Mart and, after the lady made some calls to there distributer, told us the company went bankrupt. Fortunately they gave us store credit since it was only a few weeks old but had it happened three months from now we would be screwed.

Wallyworld is still selling all there products but of course doesn't inform you that you can never get them serviced or replaced should something happen.

Just wanted to keep everyone informed and please let anyone know that might be interested.
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