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Home from wheeling hulk.

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For you guys that know Oklahoma we wheeled on some private land just south of Winnewood. The terrain was almost all clay and we had about 2 inches of rain yesterday so everything was really gummed up. We actually rode some pretty knarly trails full of steep washouts but nobody wanted to get out of the truck to take pics. Almost all of the pics are in the mud hole that only 2 trucks could get through (of course the Hulk made it many times). We had 7 trucks in the group all on 36" inch tires or bigger and alot of winching went on. 2 guys spun tires off the rim but no major breakage. Have to clean off the mud tommorow but it was great fun. The Hulk did the Broncos proud on this trip. The rest of the pics can be seen on my superford site.

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sweet pictures :thumbup

WAY TO GO JESS!!! :beer

I am so happy to see that bad boy out there and playing properly :toothless

If you get your ass in here a little more so some of the other members that don't you can get a chance to meet you...I think I might be seeing another FOTM coming up and going your way Bro :thumbup

BTW kids ... THIS is what makes Bushwackers look cool ... not 35's

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Look awesome. Glad to see that the "Hulk" is finally up and running like it should be.


I'll be damned if i was to say allllll of that bumper was really needed...
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i love that pic with the grass hanging off. see if you can find your sig and tell us more about your truck. and thats a lot of bumper on that ford....
i love the looks of that kind of wheeling, if i could have an ideal trail, it would have super deep bogs like that, along with a huge rockcrawl section and some hillclimbs mixed in, the best of all worlds.

what are the specs on the other ford?

The other Ford is a F350 with a EFI 460 and air lockers front and rear. He's on 38.5 swampers and that bumper houses a 15,000lb PTO driven wrecker winch. It's pretty capable.
Hulk looks great............. This picture says it all!!! :thumbup :drinkbud
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Great pics Jess. Glad to finally see that hulkster slinging some mud! :thumbup :thumbup
Great pics looks like a good time !
Jess... the HULK is :rockon
:thumbup :thumbup :thumbup
Man, I wish I coulda made it down there Jess, That's just friggin SWEET!!! :beer However from the looks of it much time would have been wasted pulling me and my tiny 33's out.... Take care--Fog
Hey Fog, it seemed most of the day was spent pulling people out. Unless they were skimming the edge only me and that white shortbox chevy could go through. He is running 40 inch boggers, 454, and locked front and rear. I tried to pull both out at the same time but just sat there spinning in the clay. Had to jerk them one at a time. I didn't get pics, but when I pulled out the Blazer when he was up to his bumpers (He wisely started that run with an extra winch cable dragging from the back of his rig) I had some good traction and the front tires of my bronco were about 2 ft off the ground. Like I said all in all a fun day. I can't remember who asked me to put more about my truck in the sig line but just hit the superford link. All the details are on that page. Too much to list here.

Fog or any of you other OK guys, call or shoot me a PM if you want to play a little. I'd like to do it again before I leave. Speaking of leaving, they are not telling me crap but I'll find out on Thursday when I start processing. I'm still on leave from the last deployment until 27 Dec so I know they aren't going to do squat with me until then.
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