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Warn 8274 winch.This thing is massive and heavy as hell.For you guy's that are running this badboy on your Bronco or F-150, how did you mount it? I like stock looking if I can but I don't think that will happen without alot of fab work. Here are some Ideas.

#1 : I was thinking of either mounting a 90 degree plate between the front frame.Mounting the winch close to the rad.I know I will have to cut the grill and the lower metal strip below that.Then set the front bumper up and notch it...I will have to space the front bumper.

#2 : The winch is already on a 2x2" frame that uses 2 recievers that were mounted to a 99 F-350 Frame.They were in front of the bumper and all you did was mount it with pins.Then you can pull it off when not in use. Really put the winch far infront of you.

#3 : Make a custom bumper for my truck.

#4 : Sell the winch and buy a more compact one.

Let see some pics if you got them.Please show me some pics. I went through the 187 pages of Bronco pics and I think I am cross eyed now.
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