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how do i fix my cruise control

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i used the search but none of them tell me much about my problem.
i have a 1995 XLT with the 351W and all my gauges work. my shift interlock works so its not that fuse thats out. but for some reason my cruise doesn't work.. I even called the ford dealership and gave them my VIN number to see if it's had the recall work done, and they said it has so it's not that either. what can be wrong with my cruise control? how do i fix it? is it the module that they replaced being bad again? i don't think they had the vacuum cruise in that model year..
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You really need an EVTM manual to trace down the wiring. Typically if the clock spring breaks (in the steering column) you lose the horn, OD on/off and cruise. Going with that mindset let's assume the signals are getting to the cruise control module located on the driver's side fenderwell. Your truck uses an electro-mechanical servo not the vacuum type as you correctly alluded to. Easiest quick check is to open the servo box, see if there is any water in it. This vintage of truck is well known to use that servo module as a rain collector.

If the cruise control modification has been installed I thought it was a fused link, have you checked the fuse? If it is open the servo may think the brake is on. Pin 9 on the servo is supposed to be the brake signal.

My last '93 Lightning had a bad servo, I traced the signals going into it, they were good. I swapped in a known good servo from my wrecked L' I had in the side yard. If you had an EVTM it would tell which wires to check going into the servo box.

I do not have an EVTM for a '95, but my '94 shows the signal from the steering column go into the servo amp on wire 151 (Light Blue/Black pin 5). Measure between that pin and ground. Pushing the Off button should measure less than 1 ohm. Set/Accel should measure 646 to 714 ohms. Coast should measure 114 to 126 ohms. Resume should measure 2090 to 2310 ohms. Make sure the Cruise fuse isn't open (Fuse 6?).

If the signals going in are good, it's a bad servo amp.
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I just had similar problem. there is a switch on the master cylinder that had fluid leaking through it. there is a recall on that switch.
it happened on both my 96 bronco and 2000 windstar.
read here
good info rla2005.. what does the servo box look like? and man everything on the steering wheel works except for that cruise i don't know why..i had a '98 mustang that did the same thing too
The servo amp is located on the driver's side fender well near the hood hinge. The cable leading to the throttle body is attached to the box. Don't have a pic, sorry. My '92 F350 uses the old style vacuum servo.
Found a picture for you:

Also a clip of the the Cruise Troubleshooting Guide:

Courtesy of subford on another forum
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thanks. i'm gonna take it apart on thursday and test it and whatnot.. i wish i could just replace the servo amp and it be fixed..
Price one of those puppies.....there is a reason why you troubleshoot these things first.
arent they like 70 bucks?
The last time I was tracking one down it was over $100. Just did a quick search on some online suppliers, none of them list that part. Let's hope it's a bad connection to the box. Might have to go JY shopping or find one from $$Ford$$
ha i finally got around to this.

well i tried the plug, and i guess i was doing it wrong, cause nothing happened on the multimeter, but maybe that means the switches on the wheel are bad?

then i took that top part of it off (the amp?) and nothing in the servo would move, now i don't know if its supposed to be like that or what..there seemed to be some corrosion in there

anyways i'm stumped :scratchhe
Found a picture for you:
You see that plug that plugs into the servo on the pics left side of the servo?
Tabs are broke off on mine.
Where would I get that terminal plug from?
I can transfer the wires, no doubt. Just need the plug. Someone has to sell those.

Prob a yard item;

for New;
Try here; - Bronco/Ford truck Motorcraft connectors, pigtails, etc.
message them here

I went through many searches incl

Cruise Control Harness
All Engines; Use w/dealer-installed speed control $211.18 Select a dealer for their prices and availability

Cruise Control Wire Extension
All Engines $28.88

but no pig tail or conn

Cruise Control Switch Electrical Ground Wire
All Engines
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The part number on it is:
I have sent out a few e-mails to various companies to see if they have them.
mine doesnt work at all either but the horn works, glad I found this thread. will do some trouble shooting also, sounds like I may be taking it in for a recall issue as well.
Found it:
Motorcraft p/n WTP-762
Once you have a part number anything goes:thumbup
same problem on mine. meter freaked out when I pushed the "on" button, but did nothing with any other buttons 9tried with ign off, on, and running). Also noticed that the horn doesn't work when the harness is disconnected from the cruise module. is this normal. sends +12 volts through the green/orange wire (i think) in pin 6 goin into the module. don't see why the horn would need to run through the cruise unless somethin weird is going on.
Found it:
Motorcraft p/n WTP-762
Once you have a part number anything goes:thumbup
Great find! Thanks for the part number.
You check that switch on the master cylinder like 96 FSB suggested? This is the most common fail point to the cruse. You can disconnect the switch and jump a wire a cross to see if cruse works again, if it does than the switch is bad. Just be careful as the cruse will not turn off when you hit the brakes when you jump the connector.
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