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How do you set the clock on a 1980 - 1986 Bronco?

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The clock that is above the radio. Thanks
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yours still works?...damn, I have been thru 3 junkyard ones, even took one apart and cleaned it, the two buttons to the right side are for setting the clock but most times they dont work.
No, I guess mine doesn't work. I can't set the time and it gets stuck on "elapsed time". I just took it apart and all the switches are making contact, so I'm not sure what the problem is. You don't have to hold down any of the buttons (for like 5 seconds) or press two buttons at the same time, to get it to change do you?
I think you have to press 2 at a time. Hold the middle one and press the left one to set. I think.
hold down the time button and then push the little round ones. one is hours, the other minutes, and the hours are AM/PM.

And mine works great :)
Nevermind ... Mine does work. I just had to press harder on the buttons. Hoxviii, You are correct on how to set the clock. Thanks guys!
Yeah, sometimes you ahve to push the buttons and wiggle them around a little. Guessing it has to do with age, corrosion, and wiping it away to make a good contact.
Here is some Info I have in my site for da Clock, Digital Electronic

B]1980-1982 are the same[/B].
On 1980-1982 you need a ball point pen. Pull out the time button untill it locks, then use the ball point pen to press the recessed switches on the right. When the time is set, press the time button in untill it locks. The date button is set with the same proceedure. The E-Time button is reset by pulling it out untill it reads zero. If it doesn't pull out on the first attempt, press it in and try again.

Factory Clock instructions from the 1981 F-Series Owners Manual.

1983-1986 Description & Operation

... the harness plugs are different between the 1980-1982 clocks and the 1983-1986 clocks, so they cant be easily swapped out.
You can get the plug off the main harness of a 1983-1986, and use the clock extention, if you remove the wires from the two plugs on the 1980-1982 type, and transfere it to the new 1983-1986 type plug. The wires will remove from the plugs without cutting. To get the headlamp on warning buzzer, and underdash courtesy lamps, you have to find one for a 1980-1982, or adapt the harness from a 1983. On the 1984-1986 the headlamp warning buzzer wires is a part of the main harness and cant be used, because the 1984-1986 headlamp warning and seat belt buzzer is one unit. 1980-1983 they are two seperate buzzers. On the 1980-1982 the courtesy lamp harness and clock harness plugs are two seperate plugs. The 1983. they are combined into one plug, but two seperate harnesses, and the 1984-1986 the headlamp buzzer is wired into the main harness. the clock is already prewired in the main harness of the truck. The clock was an option on all trim levels, so all trucks have the wiring in the main harness. What you are missing is the harness extentions from the main harness to the top of the dash. Look at the bottom of the dash, just below the heater control panel. you should see two empty plugs with nothing plugged into them. Those are for the clock and the courtesy lamp group. This is where the short wiring harness for the clock and the courtesy lamp group plugs in, and from there goes to the top of the dash where the other end plugs in the clock. So to transplant a clock from another 1980-1982 truck into your 1981, you would need the clock, and the short clock harness that plugs into those empty plugs at the bottom of your dash. It's not comon practice to change production methods during the same year model, but it does happen from time to time. The 1981 in paticular has many different changes throughout its production year, but the clock isn't one of them..." Source: by 81-F-150-Explorer
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