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How strong is the "Camper" top?

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Looking at roof racks. The more I look the more I don't know what I want to go with. I really want a roof rack. Not just for lights, but to put stuff, etc. Will use it mostly for trips to home depote, carrying supplies of all types, and as my own set of bleachers.

I like the idea of more room to carry emergency supplies (I’m a volunteer in my area) and in the same project I will finally mount my Street Hawk Light bar (with 300 watt PA like on cop cars but with amber flashers, etc.), on the cab roof, or integrate it into the front of the rack? Mybe even make it flip down like on some tow trucks so it sits lower then rack in down posistion, then over rack in up.???? If I'm making my thoughts clear.

Bleachers? Yepp, I live in Bullhead City, Az, right by Luaghlin Nv. Lots of out door events. It is nice to take the truck park on a hill and see it all. I would like to be able to stand or seat onthe roof rack. Me and others??????

How strong is the Camper top???? I'm thinking of a rack from eather David 78? Or Ihave ben looking at an idea of puting on sliders, then having suports for a roof rack come up of the sliders. Two on each side. One from just in front of the back tire and the front one just after the door opening. It would also work a a hand grip for those shorter folks getting into the truck. Would also have a small lader as part of the rear suport.

OK, everyone, your thoughts????
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It's fiberglass, so I would think that the weight distribution matters more than the total weight itself. At least that's what my statics and strength of materials class has taught me. :D
My ex-gf and I used to lay on the roof at night during the summer and it bowed in but supported the weight of us fine. I've got a 00 Suburban roof rack on there now and I've had my 33" spare tire up there and 2x4's and stuff without a problem
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