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How to access the amp

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I had another factory head unit sitting around and I was bored so I had swapped it in, but in doing so I think I pulled out the connection to the amp a little because the speakers are now quiet and make a popping sound. I was wondering how I access the amp so I can check if it’s completely connected?
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Yo Red,

"The big flat plate attached to the back of the dash is the stock '94-96 Premium Sound amplifier mount. It slides straight up into place, and is retained by a simple plastic catch at the bottom, so it's easy to drop out of the dash without any other disassembly..."
"...The optional premium-sound external amp is slid up into a plastic plate above the gas pedal. To remove it, bend tab on the plastic plate & allow the amp to slide down & out. Then unplug the 2 big connectors in the harness. Remove the radio & unplug the 3 connectors, and feed the amp wiring out of the dash..."
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