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I suppose the polite thing to do is properly introduce yourself before asking for help, but it’s too late for that. I’ve gotten so much great info from this site, I really can’t put together enough adjectives. You all totally ROCK! :rockon

Well, rather than let my etiquette fopaux go uncorrected, I’ll introduce myself. I typically go by KC in the online world, and that’s how you’ll see my sig. I bought myself a membership in the Bronco owners club last summer. A mint condition 1994 EB with ~90K on her. 5.8 with all the options and not a trace of rust. The previous two owners serviced the truck religiously. The last kept everything on an Excel spreadsheet and the former kept a large file folder with ALL the receipts. ;)

I live in Houston, TX and plan on joining you Spring Creek guys as soon as I can get a decent lift on my truck.

What I bough (came with the Bronco):
  • 32x11.5 tires with a matching spare (with a matching EB rim)
  • RS5000 at all wheels (too harsh for me really)
  • K&N Filer Charger (seems useless considering the size of the stock breather, but oh well)
  • Nice Manik brush guard with some PIA lights up front.
  • “Leveling” coils (mostly just a way for the alignment shop to make money off me)
I added (most of these were out of necessity – especially the stereo)
  • Jet Hot full length headers, dual cats, dual mufflers and dual pipes all the way out (Rippley’s Muffler in Woodlands, TX sucks – they put the wrong gaskets on and I didn’t find out until the “labor was out of the warrantee period”)
  • New Rotors, Calipers, Pads, Bearings
  • Replaced the Auto Hubs with Mile Marker manuals
  • Pioneer Premier CD/MP3/XM head with XM tuner, Boston Acoustic fronts and rears, and an Alpine sub with a 600 Watt heater bolted to the passenger fender well.
  • 50lbs of Dynamat (or so it seemed)
What I’m going to add this year (unless the wife starts looking at the credit card statements closely)
  • Dick Cepek Series I lift (brackets rather than arms) - anyone have an opinion on or the Dick Cepek shocks? I know the kit is solid, but are the shocks decent?
  • 2.5” lift leafs from Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard (or local 4wheel parts or whoever is cheaper)
I’m no automotive genius, and I fully expect to take more than I give here, but I’ll at least try. I’m currently getting schooled by a brake problem, but this isn’t the place for that.

Glad to meet ya’ll.


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