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Howdy from Texas

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I suppose the polite thing to do is properly introduce yourself before asking for help, but it’s too late for that. I’ve gotten so much great info from this site, I really can’t put together enough adjectives. You all totally ROCK! :rockon

Well, rather than let my etiquette fopaux go uncorrected, I’ll introduce myself. I typically go by KC in the online world, and that’s how you’ll see my sig. I bought myself a membership in the Bronco owners club last summer. A mint condition 1994 EB with ~90K on her. 5.8 with all the options and not a trace of rust. The previous two owners serviced the truck religiously. The last kept everything on an Excel spreadsheet and the former kept a large file folder with ALL the receipts. ;)

I live in Houston, TX and plan on joining you Spring Creek guys as soon as I can get a decent lift on my truck.

What I bough (came with the Bronco):
  • 32x11.5 tires with a matching spare (with a matching EB rim)
  • RS5000 at all wheels (too harsh for me really)
  • K&N Filer Charger (seems useless considering the size of the stock breather, but oh well)
  • Nice Manik brush guard with some PIA lights up front.
  • “Leveling” coils (mostly just a way for the alignment shop to make money off me)
I added (most of these were out of necessity – especially the stereo)
  • Jet Hot full length headers, dual cats, dual mufflers and dual pipes all the way out (Rippley’s Muffler in Woodlands, TX sucks – they put the wrong gaskets on and I didn’t find out until the “labor was out of the warrantee period”)
  • New Rotors, Calipers, Pads, Bearings
  • Replaced the Auto Hubs with Mile Marker manuals
  • Pioneer Premier CD/MP3/XM head with XM tuner, Boston Acoustic fronts and rears, and an Alpine sub with a 600 Watt heater bolted to the passenger fender well.
  • 50lbs of Dynamat (or so it seemed)
What I’m going to add this year (unless the wife starts looking at the credit card statements closely)
  • Dick Cepek Series I lift (brackets rather than arms) - anyone have an opinion on or the Dick Cepek shocks? I know the kit is solid, but are the shocks decent?
  • 2.5” lift leafs from Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard (or local 4wheel parts or whoever is cheaper)
I’m no automotive genius, and I fully expect to take more than I give here, but I’ll at least try. I’m currently getting schooled by a brake problem, but this isn’t the place for that.

Glad to meet ya’ll.

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Welcome KC!
awesome... another member for spring creek:rockon and you don't have to have a lift to have a good time at the creek.... sometimes we just take the taurus out to camp and ride along with others
welcome to FSB :beer
:chili: Welcome to FSB.:chili:
:rockon :rockon :rockon :rockon
Welcome! Nice intro :drinkbud how bout some pics?
We're getting together Friday night on the 30th at the Hooters in Willowbrook. You should join and get to meet some of the other Houston BKO drivers :thumbup

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