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How's everyone doin? I have a 1991 25th Anniversary Edition Ford Bronco, originally with the 5.0 on stock 31's, no lift or anything special aside from the thousand dings, dents and scratches that a forest, another vehicle, or myself delivered upon her. Not too long ago I bought an 86 Bronco with the same engine but a 3" suspension lift and 3" body lift.

The 91's been running 20 degrees above top-dead-center for almost 2 years now and a head gasket leak. Even after TRYING to kill the thing, she just won't quit. So I decided to use the 86 as parts to fix mine up. Not such a good idea. The 86 didn't run when I bought her, and after pulling the motor, turns out the block was shot. Needless to say, I've been having some serious issues.

Anyways, the FUN part! As I said it's a 91, however I've converted my front end to suit my tastes.... the 86's beat up old front end is now on my Bronco. Soon the suspension lift will be too. After 5 weeks of part swapping and plans changing, I now have a 91 Bronco with a 69 Ranchero's block, 86 heads, 86 timing case, 69 timing gears, 84 Town Car dist., 91 fuel injection and the list goes on and on. Then I got rid of my fuel injection and put my Ranchero's Performance intake and 4-barrel Eddy carb on her.

It's a mutt. But I love it. I'll be taking out the mutt engine and putting in a Windsor. But it was one helluva fun project.

So... before I ramble far too much....

My baby:

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