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I had a 68 mustang when I was younger. It was awesome but as a kid that needed money I sold it. I miss it but replaced it with a 85 bronco because it is much more utilitarian.

I am home sick today, rough weekend with heat exhuastion, looking at eBay and dreaming of my old stang. I ran across these hub caps

It reminded me of the old 68 gt wheels I had.

What do you guys think close enough match to run them? I thick I would need a set of beauty rings too

Currently I have the 1985 steel wheels that were white but the previous owner painted them black. I assume they had the big factory hub caps since I drilled and tapped them factory 80's chrome "top hat" center caps

Upon further research my mustang had these, guess I will ahve to find something similar to fit a bronco. Any suggestions?
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