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Anyone here know how the hubs on my truck work? I know on my fullsize Blazers that I have owned in the past, I had to back up 10' or so to disengage. Is this the case with my truck?

I have a 94 5.8L EB with what appears to be a "heavier" suspension (has two front shocks, coil over with airbag) Also, has a shifter for the 4wd as opposed to push button. Thanks guys :)
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If you have Auto hubs, you will have to reverse 10ft or so to disengage the 4wd. I don't think that push button or manual makes a difference their...BTW I would also switch to manual hubs....especially with the manual transfer case.
BlackSunshine said:
Thanks guys..I know I know autolocking hubs are terrible. But seeing as they are also brand new (were replaced JUST before I bought it), I'm keeping em till they blow. I had manual hubs on my 72 Blazer, and what a PITA when it's cold outside.

Yeah but nothing like already being stuck and then going into 4WD...won't work cause you also need to roll forward about 10ft to engage the auto locking hubs! Your damned if you do and damned if you don't! :thumbup
diveguru said:
What's the problem with the auto locking hubs??? Just curious

Just another one of the nifty ideas manufactures come up with to be cool, but in reality set back the progress of everything they were trying to do in the first place.

Bottom line they suck...and at the most in-oppurtune moment they will fail and let you down!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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