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... HUGE question.

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i know an ignition switch has many different contact points in it for specific keyed power on/off locations. does anyone have a diagram that shows what wires are active at what specific times? im re-engineering the power-on accessories while keeping the stock ignition setup intact, and i was curious as to what was being powered through which physical wire location on the switch. for instance, there are two locations marked BATT. on the inside of the ignition switch, which connect to two yellow wires. are both of these direct leads from the battery? what all involves the starting system on the vehicle?

my voltmeter konked out last night and i dont have the cash for a new one for a while, unfortunately not even a cheapo.
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Yeah - the Haynes manual. It has a full logic table for the ig.sw.

Read it.:twak

ah. i'll have to go down and pick one up then. thanks, lol. i thought my clymer would have a diagram in it, but no dice..still need to know about just the two Yellow wires...
Yup the haynes manual has a full breakdown of the switch.
thanks a lot Ryan. the early diagram was the one i was looking for. :thumbup
I just obtained a used steering column to replace my busted old one. Only issue is that the key cylinder is broken beyond repair. I wanted to do a toggle/push button system. From looking at Fireguy's diagram I am thinking I would need one toggle switch for all the 'Run' outputs and I was thinking a push button for the start output.

Does this work? What else will need to be done? btw, first post here- I was over at fte. Thanks in advance...
bjbmoglo said:
btw, first post here- I was over at fte. Thanks in advance...
1. Start an intraductory thread in the intraductions forum. :beer

2. Can the lock cylinder not be removed? Or are you saying the actual housing for it is damaged.

3. FTE is evil.

4. Avoid yams. :toothless
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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