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Hydro or Manual Clutch?

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I'm still planning out what direction I'm going with my bronco and what parts I'm going to use, but I've been debating about using a hydraulic or a manual clutch. I have an 81, which is manual, with an SROD. I just bought a NP 435 that came with a hydraulic bellhousing and brand new pressure plate and clutch. I'm not sure if I should just keep the manual or if I should put on the hydraulic while I'm at it. I am very happy with the manual that I have. I've drug out old rusted cars from a field, some with only 2 locked wheels (and 2 gone) and the clutch grabbed fine and everything. On my friends chevy cavalier (hydro) he said that his clutch was a little slow to engage when it was 40 below out. I know they're completely different kinds of vehicles and it might be different, but was wondering if anyone has encountered this? Once the fluid warmed up, he said it was fine though. Simplicity is very important to me, so hydraulic might not be the best route? I need to be able to fix whatever I have on my truck with the tools I carry. Also not sure what all extra I would need to get it completed. I guess the hydraulic pump would be it? I was just about to head to steve83's pics to check out what all I need but got sidetracked. I already posted a while back when I was thinking about buying this tranny/bellhousing if the clutch/pressure plate would swap into the mechanical but I didnt get any replies. Not sure if one is 10" and the other 11" or what. This turned out kinda long once again, but I thank anyone that replies with some info.
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Would you say it has more gripping power, and works okay in cold temps? I guess in TN you don't have much below 0 weather, but what would you think?
Yeah, I know that the grade of the clutch affects how much gripping power there is. I probably should have worded it differently and asked does the hydraulic system provide more force on the clutch? Or am I missing something... I was just looking at the pics on supermotors and it looks like all I would need to find is an external slave? I'm guessing that I have the one with an external slave because I have a red hose that runs to a black cylinder thing. Thanks again.

Well that's what this one has.. it doesn't seem all that thick, hope it's adequate. So I would just need to find an external slave and hook the hose up to that right? Would I be able to use my current linkage to the external slave though? Those diagrams are kind of confusing and it's not too obvious what parts I would need and what parts are interchangealbe. Thanks again.
1 - 5 of 7 Posts
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