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Just Kidding, I finally got my butt bak from CUBA....Man, what an adventure. Talk about "Survival", Had to take cold a$$ showers with a little bucket...Finally glad to be back home....To my bed, shower, and most of all my Truck. hehehehe..........

I did however see some nice kicka$$ old Willy's...Man they looked like they were right outa the showroom floor...I saw from wagons, like they had in "Trucks" as project Willy, to old, old '40's Willy heeps....

Well, enough said.

Just glad to be back home.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New years and Holidays....

Allcruisen :imp :usa

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Glad to see ya back Stateside Felix!
Funny... those were the same things I was so happy to return to when we got back from Puerto Rico last time.
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