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Hi to all and thx for a great FSB site. Last week I bought a 1994 Ford F150 4X4 which came with some hic-ups, so I started looking through the google searchs without much success. On one of the jeep sites im on most of the time, one of the FSB members mentioned in the Ford tech section, this site for tech write-ups.
Im "Hooked" You guys have great write-ups, good pics and spec info too. Now I can fix the non working cruise, air-bag(clock spring gizmo), non working push button 4x4 hi/low and MLPS sensor, and a missing a over drive button/switch, etc.
Ive had about a dozen or more over the years, the oldest maybe being a 77 F150 and one late 80's Bronco.
Im a willys jeep fan as well. Thx again for a neat site.:thumbup
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