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Having trouble connecting to FSB? Connection running slow?

This is a simple guide to help you check to make sure it's not on your end, prior to the staff checking this end.

A good majority of the time, connections to FSB are not on FSB's end, it's usually on the user's end.

And just so you know FSB goes down nightly around 4 a.m. (EST) for about ½ hour for maintenance and upgrades. This happens every night. This prevents FSB for being down for any long periods of time all at once.

FSB rarely goes down, the way the server is set up, if it goes down, it will be back up in a matter of 5 minutes. Unless there is a major outage somewhere in the United States.

Your donations and Membership dollars go towards nice little things like that.

With that being said, on to how to help you out.

The first thing to do is clear your cache:

Here is a guide on how to keep your computer running optimally. Clearing your cache and your cookies is included in that guide. Please clear your cookies and try everything in that guide first, including running the disk defragmenter and disk clean up. Believe it or not, that will affect your connection to FSB and to other web pages.

If that doesn't work, and you've tried everything on your end:

We will need some information on your connection, which include a Trace Route and a Ping Check

A Trace Route:

This basically traces your network route to FSB, and how you get here.

Running a trace route is really easy.

Step one:

Click Start and Click "Run"

Step Two:

This happy little box will appear:

inside that happy little box, type "cmd" and hit "enter"

Step Three:

A new happy little box will appear on your screen, this is called your "command prompt"

WARNING: Don't screw around in here, you can screw things up pretty bad on your computer from this prompt, just type exactly as instructed

Step 3a.:

We need to be able to cut and paste from the command prompt, so your going to want to set something up.

A) Click on the little black C:/.
B) A little drop down menu will appear. click "properties"

and this happy little window will show up:

C) make sure the box "Quick Edit Mode" has a check mark. Then hit "Okay"

This allows you to cut and paste from the prompt window.

Step Four:

Type this next to your name: "Tracert www.fullsizebronco.com"

then hit enter, the screen will start to scroll and it will test times through your network.

It will look like this when completed:

Step Five:

Copy and Paste that information to FSB. We will help you decipher it, don't worry.

Copying and Pasting in the command prompt is a little bit tricky, highlight the entire section then click the little c:/ box again, click "edit" and copy, like this:

Step Six:

Post it in this thread so we can help you out, make sure you get all the information we need, it should look like this:

Tracing route to fullsizebronco.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 * * 2336 ms ip72-196-148-1.cl.ri.cox.net []
2 7 ms 9 ms 5 ms
3 30 ms 27 ms 26 ms provdsrj01-ge0702.rd.ri.cox.net []
4 29 ms 30 ms 26 ms provdsrj01-so010.0.rd.ri.cox.net []
5 37 ms 39 ms 35 ms gbr2.cb1ma.ip.att.net []
6 37 ms 34 ms 35 ms tbr1.cb1ma.ip.att.net []
7 36 ms 36 ms 34 ms tbr2.n54ny.ip.att.net []
8 37 ms 35 ms 44 ms ggr6.n54ny.ip.att.net []
9 33 ms 35 ms 35 ms
10 106 ms 107 ms 106 ms PREMIA-NETWORKS-INC.ge-4-2-0.412.ar4.phx1.gblx.n
et []
11 113 ms 113 ms 114 ms las1nvus-b4k1-ge1-3-aplushosting.premianet.com []
12 112 ms 111 ms 114 ms serverpoint.com []
13 113 ms 115 ms 111 ms srv01.roanokedns.com []

Now onto a ping check:

a Ping check basically shows at what rate your computer is connecting to the network that FSB is on. It determines "packet loss" (information loss) and other things. It will help us decipher if your problem is the ISP, your network, or if it is on our end.

Bring up your command prompt like above.

Instead of going the trace route path, we are going to type a different command.

Type this next to your name: "ping www.fullsizebronco.com"

Copy and paste it to this thread, it will look like this:

Pinging fullsizebronco.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=3143ms TTL=46
Reply from bytes=32 time=114ms TTL=46
Reply from bytes=32 time=112ms TTL=46
Reply from bytes=32 time=111ms TTL=46

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 111ms, Maximum = 3143ms, Average = 870ms
In conclusion:

This information won't mean much to someone who is not computer illiterate, it helps us check things out to make sure you are connecting alright.

It will also help us, help you. This information gives us detailed information about how you connect and what is or isn't there, that may need to be there.

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to PM me.

~Bronco Rob

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When I go online at home I can get FSB up but then I get this tab was recovered and then cannot connect to fullsizebronco.com and I can't seam to find a reson why. What should I look at next.

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when i am at work, i try to connect to FSB, to kill time.
however, i am not able, and i get a warning saying the IP address is banned.

Is this topic up for discussion? or OBE?
This is probably due to you administrator restrictions on you work i-net. Crazy but most places think you should be working at work not looking at forums. :wacko:shrug

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This happened to me when a account got banned for spam. It bans the IP address as well.

Best thing you can do is find your work IP address and send me a PM with it.

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i'll see what i can do, our admins have lots of stuff locked down.
its coming through a DOD pipe, with 100s of thousands of users. it would make sense that someone, at some point jacked it up and got us all banned.
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