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I found Pepe's Stoned Bronco

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Wasn't sure if he was still interested in buying it back...
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Don’t got Facespacetwitterwhatever in Sandy you say!!!!! What’s tweeky asking for it??
No way someone is actually asking $1k for that AND it hasnt sold in 7 weeks. TBH for $1k I would suspect it would be a scam or something. Maybe you will get there and he will just ask for the drugs directly instead of actual cash.
Fir this reason when we go to buy shit off someone on line we take 2 vehicles, 3-4 people each packing heat and the $$ is in the car that’s staged up or down the street watching. For car purchases we always ask to meet at the local PD or DMV as long as it’s advertised as a driving vehicle. If not a drivable vehicle after an amount is agreed, I request exchanging the $$ for paperwork at DMV. Another tip if none of the above is viable, call local police dispatch and ask them to run the plates and VIN.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts