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i gots this problem

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my girlfriend lives in this nieghberhood where people are not permited to park on the sides of the street but every time i go to her house i have to park on the street because they have no room for my fullsize bronco anyway i was just wondering if locking my truck in 4x4 when i go to park can kept them from towing my truck
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lock the parking brake, turn the wheels all the way to the side in 4x4 and pop the hood, then you can just tell the judge that it broke down, lol
how bout just have her go over to your place, hell did u ever try picking her up and taking her out on a date, do that a few times and the only place you'll be hanging out is in the back of the bko where you belong, then you can park any damn place you want
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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